Ask- Empowerment Prompt



Hey Inspiring Souls.. Welcome to another Empowerment Prompt.. This week I am encouraging you to…

Ask for what you want..

 So often we give away our power in seemingly small ways. One of the ways is when we don’t’ make even the smallest requests.

Sometimes we don’t ask for what we need or want from others and sometimes the person we need to really practice asking for what we want from is ourselves.

I know this is not an easy one for a lot of us. However we can start small and gently. Start by giving an opinion if someone says where do you want to eat (or the like) if you have an opinion.. Speak it!

If the time for an appointment doesn’t really work for you, ask for what you want.

Ask yourself, what do you need today, or right now I need..

The building up of empowered confidence is not always in the getting by the way it’s in the courage to ask so even if it doesn’t always “work out” you have taken an step in empowering yourself and that is a victory no matter what!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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