Some ways fear shows up seemingly disguised- Friday 5


 ways fear shows up seemingly disguised as something else..

 Hey Inspiring Souls!

Fear is my Frenemy,  (for those who don’t know this is essentially the definition of frenemy- a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry.) Only instead of person it’s a “thing” a feeling..

I am too close and listen too much to fear despite knowing that it doesn’t always have my true souls interest in mind, yet I listen to its gossip and take that as word..  I have been thinking about fear and how it shows up.. It rarely shows up saying .. Hey there, I am your fear and I am here to keep you “Safe” from your dreams, moving your life forward etc.. Because I know it’s uncomfortable.

I have found that fear shows up in many different ways wearing  different “masks” here are some of the ways I have seen it show up in my life and for those I know.

1)      Clutter, often if our mind is in chaos (and fear often is chaos) our environments are as well at least to some degree.

2)      Distraction. This can come in the form of legit things, activities even people that need our attention.

3)      Zoning out.. or As Brene Brown calls it.. Numbing.. I am not talking downtime, or white space here. We don’t have to be busy to lead purposeful lives. I am talking the I am spaced out, not present soaking

4)      Avoidance- We busy ourselves with things sometimes even good things, we often swear we will get to “it” as soon as we are done.. yet we find something else to fill the space so we can avoid “it”.

5)      Excuses… You know what yours are.. we often disguise them as reasons.. sometimes we even convince ourselves they are legit!

How is your fear showing up for you? Do you relate to any of these disguises?

Here is to living your life Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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