Stepping Back into Power with the Help of Fairy Tales- Inspired Living Series


Hey Beautiful Souls!

I am excited to share another guest post in the Inspired Living Series..

I love Sara’s unique and inspiring take on owning our power!

Busting through the Glass Coffin: Stepping Back into Power with the Help of Fairy Tales


Sometimes, we get stuck in a story. We cast ourselves in one role, and get stuck playing it out, unable to see the people in our lives for themselves anymore, only able to see the roles we’ve given them to play. Perhaps, we think we are Cinderella, always left behind while those less worthy, less “good,” get to go to the ball! Maybe we’ve been wandering on that path in the woods so long, we kind of welcome that big old wolf who shows up, flattering and asking questions, tempting us off the path. Or maybe you’ve been lying in that glass coffin, waiting, waiting, waiting for that prince to show up and awaken you.

I work with fairytales and folk tales, helping people to find inspiration in the ancient stories and archetypal images. One question I ask them, is, “Where are you in the story now?” Usually, it’s pretty easy for people to find the portion of the fairytale that resonates for them, the scene that seems to reflect the story they are living now. We know the story we tell ourselves so very well, we can see it everywhere, even in the most far-fetched, fanciful tale.

Let’s try an example. Here is the story of Snow White: (go read it, and come back! I’ll wait…)

So, today, I feel as if I had been too tightly laced, and was nearly dead, but the dwarves have cut the laces, and I can feel the air rushing back into my lungs. I can breathe again.

Where are you?

What might happen, though, if I deliberately choose a different scene, and say, “Yes, and I am here, too.” I am not just in that moment of the cutting of the laces, I am also choosing the lace, and allowing myself to be tied in, and I am taking the apple, and I am awakening to find the seven faces gazing down at me, telling me I am beautiful.

And I am also ordering the child to be killed.

And I am stepping into the red hot shoes.

And I am the shoes, hot and red, and waiting for the feet, longing to dance until I am cold and hard again.

Suddenly, I am free of my story. I have chosen a new perspective, and with it, I have chosen to step into my own power.

Try it, be playful and flexible. Tomorrow morning, read this quote by Marianne Williamson:

At every moment, a woman makes a choice: between the state of the queen and the state of the slavegirl. In our natural state, we are glorious beings. In the world of illusion, we are lost and imprisoned, slaves to our appetites and our will to false power. (From A Woman’s Worth, copyright 1993)

In this case, the case of Snow White, who was truly the Queen, and who was a slave to her fear? Yup. You’ve got it. Wherever you have been in your story, you have the power to choose another reality. You can say, “I feel like I am stuck in that glass coffin again. Where could I place myself instead? Perhaps I am awakening now, and safe and adored,” and live your story from his new place, free and inspired.

Have fun with it; being playful, curious, and flexible allows us to be open to delight and inspiration. May this bring you joy.

Taking a moment every day to appreciate the beauty of the sky helps me live an inspired life. My son, fairy tales, and connecting with others inspire me.


Sara Renee Logan has been telling stories to anyone who would listen since she was seven. Sara shares her life with her partner, Melanie, their son, and an unreasonable family of pets. She continues to share her love of storytelling and stories with audiences of all ages, specializing in bringing the wild beauty of folktales to young and old. Sara has a home on the web at and coaches individuals and groups through Story/Reading, an intuitive, story-based biography inquiry process.


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