5 Reasons – Friday 5



5 Reasons it’s important to fill yourself up through self and soul care.

Hey Inspiring Souls!

We often think of Self and Soul care as selfish, it gets lower and lower on the list for us for various reasons. I get it, life is full and full of surprises. However when we keep doing this we become more and more depleted. We may think we are running on full when in reality we are purely running on stress and adrenalin.  There are many reasons and layers to why it’s important to take care of yourself and your soul. But these 5 really are the core ones!

  1. When you fill yourself up you are truly able to give from the best of you not what’s left of you.
  2. When you fill yourself up you are honoring yourself and your soul
  3. When you fill yourself up you have reserves instead of resentment
  4. Filling yourself up gives you energy and nourishment mind, body, soul.
  5. Filling yourself up serves not only serves your work, those you love and your health better. It serves your goals, dreams and visions in a greater way.

Want to dig into this a bit more? We start this Saturday July 18th 2 weeks of self and soul care (free) eCourse

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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