Friday 5: Things I have noticed lately


Friday 5:  Things I have noticed lately

1)      The time 11:11 both am and pm, it’s happened so much and I am meaning nerd (as in I love to look up various meanings for things like seeing the same time over and over, feathers etc.)  that I looked up what it means, if you care to know take a look here.

2)      How heavy indecision can be, even if that decision isn’t that heavy.  At some point I have been learning that indecision sometimes is a decision.

3)      Flowers, my obsession continues..

4)      That we can sometimes inch our way out of (or further away at least)  the rut, stuck etc.  I think that we often (myself included) don’t give ourselves enough credit for the ways we are moving toward greater alignment in our lives because those moves are often really tiny and they can get covered up by the shoulds, still to do’s etc.

5)      My energy has been a bit scattered, but the more I release in various ways the less scattered it can feel.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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