5 words/Phrases to watch out for in your self-talk-Friday 5


5 words/Phrases  to watch out for in your self-talk

Hey Inspiring Souls! Our self-talk is powerful and we so often are unconscious to what we say to ourselves and about ourselves.

I encourage you to start really listening to yourself. Is your talk empowering, truthful or is it disempowering and fearful?

Here are 5 words to watch out for.

1)      Should, I know sometimes this word just fits in when another one doesn’t.. however it is so often full of much more than just 6 letters.. this can be a sneaky one too as often the -should can be unspoken but is felt.

2)      I can’t.. (do it, afford it, figure it out… )

3)      I don’t know (sometimes this is a totally legit phrase other times for many of us it can become the space filler for truths we are not ready to speak to ourselves or others.)

4)      What’s the matter with me.. When we feel we do things wrong or have made a bad choice this phrase can often pop out of our mouths. Where in this did I disconnect or lose my power instead of what’s the matter with me.

5)      I am such an (idiot, horrible person and so on) though if your “I am such an” ends with things like amazing person, real go getter and uplifting and empowering phrases by all means keep it! But for a majority of us that is much more rare than the disempowering words to end it with.

Really these are just a start, however these are I believe to be some of the most often used words and phrases that we use to ourselves and speak about ourselves.

I encourage you to start to listen, simply listen and notice. How does it feel in your body when you speak this way to and about yourself?

Deep breath, you’ve got this

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





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