Lettuce stamps and feathers – In my journal…

In my journal…

Hey inspiring Souls..

I thought I would share some bits I have done in my journal(s) this week. None of these took much time but I am happy with the results!

1)      As I was cutting off the bottom of the lettuce the other day for dinner, I happen to notice that the pattern in made was pretty, so after dinner I dried it a bit, squeezed out a little paint and dipped it in there. Then I stamped all over the page.  This only took about 5-10 minutes if that!  I could leave it like this or I could add other layers (of paint, words or images).



2)      These little pages were done while waiting for hubby the other day. The one to the right is done with found bits. Feather, Paint color card, a doily and a little bit of paper from a list I made the other day.



Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




4 responses to “Lettuce stamps and feathers – In my journal…

  1. Join me this evening Heather! I am leading a twitter chat about sketchbooks in the art classroom. #wiartchat Lynnae

  2. I’m always grateful to be reminded to take the small increments of time to work in my collage journal. Thanks.

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