Notice- Stumbling Towards Mindfulness


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Yesterday we had a massive power outage in the area I live, it went on (or off lol) for 15 hours. Things like this can remind you how much we can take for granted in our day to day living.  It can make you mindful of little things we do out of habit as well. Like how many times I went into a specific room and tried flipping the light on!

Today, I encourage you to notice.. what is one thing that you have in your day to day that you might be taking for granted? Stop for a moment and really think about it. Then express gratitude for it (or them) Throughout your day notice more of what you just expect to happen (like lights on when switch is flipped!)

In the midst of the noticing, tune into one thing you might be doing out of habit through your day, no judgement or overthinking simply noticing.

This entire process can take you less than 5 minutes total, but I think it’s a pretty powerful (ha,no pun intended!) thing to tune into. In my view mindfulness is so much about noticing and listening.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Notice- Stumbling Towards Mindfulness

  1. Love this reminder! Sometimes you can take people for granted who mean the most to you. This post really made me think of ways I can show people how much I care. Thanks for writing this!

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