why.. Inspired Words


Hey Beautiful Souls,

I love this quote! I am also aware of the struggle it can be to do just that. Our voices have been so drown out by everyone else’s shoulds, expectations and stories that it can be hard sometimes to distinguish where yours even is, what it sounds like, what you want. But this is our responsibility (ability to respond!)  to reveal and heal it. To take our power back, even with shaky hands!

I believe it starts by listening to the tugs, to your body, to your preferences, to your desires, to your dreams.

Start there, listen a little deeper to yourself, journal, allow the silence even if in tiny increments of time. If someone asks you what you want to eat or what you want to see etc. and you have a preference, speak it! These are the things that strengthen your voice and empower you.

You’ve got this! Holding space for you and you are not in this alone.

These messages are within and around us all the time. We just don’t always recognize them or listen to them. We explore more on this idea in my upcoming Ecourse “Messages Emerging” – Listening to your life. Get on my list to be updated when that opens! 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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