Easy and Inexpensive ways to add inspiration to your space: Friday 5

Hey Beautiful Souls! As you might have gathered by now I am all about seeking, acting on and surrounding ones self with Inspiration. Today  I wanted to share with  you 5 Easy and Inexpensive ways to add inspiration to your space:

1)      Add fresh flowers


2)      Get one (or a few) clipboards from the dollar store and find some images from magazines to put up (these are awesome organizing and inspiration tools and SO easy to change out whenever you want!)


3)      Add a string of “holiday” lights (mine are above my desk and make be happy every time!)


4)      Put together an “inspiration” stack of books out somewhere that’s easy to get to so you can just grab one and flip it open to see what messages might be awaiting you!


5)      Create your own artwork! There are so many ways to do this a few of them being :Get a canvas, stencils and a few craft paints in colors you love and play!, Print out and put up photos of things that inspire you that you have taken (nature, texture, words.. ) tons of places print out photos these days. Even if you don’t think  you are creative or are an artist, I really encourage (challenge) you to give it a try if it the idea appeals to you!



Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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