2015 Reflection part 1- Journal prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls!

This week let’s start the process of reflecting on 2015 (I have tried repeatedly to ignore that we are already zipping our way through November, but it’s not helping it feel any slower!)

So if all else fails go with the flow instead 😀

What is one word or phrase that that you would use to “sum up/ describe 2015? (This may or may not have been your guiding word this year. )

What was your word of the year (or mantra or.. ) what are some of the ways it showed up for you, big and small?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




3 responses to “2015 Reflection part 1- Journal prompt

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  2. my word for 2015 is Focus….. I’m already thinking about 2016’s word, and your post is another place I’ve seen the current fav contender crop up: FLOW! (it must be a sign ;-))

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