Chekcing our Expectations


Hey Inspiring Souls!

Today’s in the free eCourse “Create an Inspiring Holiday” I am in the midst of giving, we go are digging into our expectations. I think they can often make or break how we experience a holiday, person etc.. I thought I would share a little bit of what today’s email says as it might help support you in the gatherings (holiday and otherwise) this week and beyond..

One of the biggest issues with expectations is that most of the time I believe that they are not voiced. We expect the other person to just know, to be more considerate (even though with certain people this is often an issue, but we magically expect them to shift it for the holiday). Sometimes voicing your desire, expectation etc. will make the difference. Other times it won’t and you have to remember that you are in control of how you respond (vs react) I know , I know this is WAY easier said than done!

Here are some Q’s to  Ask yourself: 

If I could only get 2 things out of this holiday event (and this can be for any of the ones you “have to” or want to attend) what would that/those thing(s) be?
When it comes to people, ask yourself:
 What expectations or” shoulds” am I putting on them? Some other things that may or may not be helpful with these people are to remind yourself that everyone including us brings their “stuff” (so if this family member is braggy, needy, judgmental they are not going to magically stop being that for the holidays, though it would be nice!) When getting frustrated try to remind yourself of 1 good thing about them (I know at times this can feel like some kind of pre-historic dig!)
Now let me remind you , this is so NOT about beating yourself up, or getting sucked into the drama or frustration. It is simply to look those places you might be able to bring a different mindset and therefore energy to these events and these people. Sometimes it will seem like they have changed, when they have not but you have and you beautiful person or the only one you truly can control!

I hope this was even a little helpful to you and that you remember to take care of yourself this holiday season, take a deep breath, find the beauty and create the joy where you can!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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