Release and Embrace – Journal Prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls,

Sometimes we have trouble getting clear on what we want to embrace and create in the new year (or anytime really we want to make a fresh start.. that can be any day!) I am an advocate of focusing on what you want, however sometimes it’s easier and even really helpful to also take a look at what you are ready to release.. so this week.. for 2016 write a

What am I needing to/ready to release? What do I want to Embrace? Let this list flow out, don’t overthink it just let it flow out the way it wants to.. step away from it for a day or so and come back and see what needs attention, what might just be a mental shift (that often takes practice or some kind of release ritual) and for the embrace part of the list.. what attention might that need? How can you make those more present in the year to come?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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