5 Stocking Stuffers for $5-ish -Friday 5


Hey inspiring Souls!

 I thought this week I would share 5 great stocking stuffers $5 ish and under!

 1)      Post it notes.. and use this post to give them some ideas for those post its! They are good for SO many things and come in such fun colors..

2)      A journal, there are SO many varieties to choose from you can even jot down a personal note to them or personalize it a bit for them using washi or stickers. 

3)      Fun pens (Papermate  Flair markers are my favorite) Most big box stores probably have these in the office supply area. 

4)       A few “kids” art supplies from the craft store or Dollar store. (Even if you are stuffing a stocking for an adult there is something really freeing and not “precious” about kids craft supplies that just encourages us to play a bit without worrying about “messing it up” .. Some ideas .. Water colors, Color Pencils, A box of crayons, inexpensive sketchbook

5) A magazine, get a favorite or go through different ones and choose one that has articles or images (or both) that you know they would like, find inspiring etc. *Bonus* they can use the images and words to put on a vision board for 2016 🙂

Those are just some ideas for fun, useful stocking stuffers..  Here is a list of 30 Inspiring ways to spend $5

What are your favorite stocking stuffers to give and get?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Inspired



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