Create Space- Weekend Empowerment Prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Far too often lately I have let my weekends zip by as fast as the week. With tasks that needed to get done eventually but often felt more like shoulds or draining then nourishing or desires.

Starting this weekend (now!) I have decided to be more conscious of that empowering myself with some prompts.

This weekends theme is to Create Space. This can mean different things for each of us. I will share some prompts that I will be diving into and hopefully they will Empower and Inspire you to Create Space and put some intention in  your weekend!

For me Creating space is not just physical ,though there is that aspect for sure it’s also about carving out the time to do things that nourish me or get stuff off of my mind or… (in other words the list could go on and on!)

Here is how I will be creating space this weekend I please feel free to take these prompts exactly or as always take what really feels right to you as a starting point.

  1. There are a few little areas that are bugging me but are sucking more energy to walk by it and think about it then it would if I just took care of it. So I will spend 5 minutes or so on each of those 3 tasks.
  2. I will journal freely.. doing morning pages or a brain dump type of journaling also helps create space because it can help your mind feel a little clear by “dumping” it all out on paper!
  3. I will carve out 10-20 minutes at least to sit and read (instead of getting sucked into the internet!)
  4. I will get still for 5 minutes.. for me that is going to be in child’s pose this is a really restorative pose for me. For you it might be sitting outside for 5 minutes without getting sucked into distractions, it might be slipping into the bathroom for an extra few if that is the only space you can get some semi quiet and alone time.
  5. I will choose 2-3 things I really need to get done and make a note of the rest. This is going to help me stay focused on the real “mission” at hand as certain tasks or places  can become vortexes of to do’s and it’s easy to feel like no progress is being made when it truly is.

How will you create space this weekend?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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