Feed your mind- Friday 5


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I have a deep love of learning (some would say addiction lol)  These day’s it’s so easy to find ways to feed your mind on so many different levels. In fact it can be overwhelming the amount of resources that one can come across sometimes!

So this week I thought I would share a few ways we can do just that from free on up! 5 Resources I love to help feed my mind are..

  1. Reading, personal growth, some fiction and Autobiographies are my types of books but really reading in general will feed your mind. Give yourself the gift of carving out time on a regular basis to soak in a good book!
  2. YouTube. There is lots of umm interesting stuff on there. However there are also so many channels that you can learn life tips, DIY’s and so much more. Carve out a little time to explore some videos!
  3. Udemy.com They have a ton of classes some free and then they range all sorts of price ranges (however they oftne have deals for even $100+ classes for $10-15) I have several I can’t wait to dive into!
  4. eCourses of SO many kinds. I offer a few (and am working on more) Kimberly Wilson has several great ones as well. Several bloggers/Creatives I follow do as well.
  5. Skillsuccess.com has some great ones.I have signed up for a few for really great prices (through living social or Groupon) for like $5-17!)

How do you like to feed your mind?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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