Tiny Acts of Self-Care for chaotic times- Friday 5


Friday 5: Tiny Acts of Self-Care for chaotic times

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Life has had some challenges lately (health ones in my family) and it has me in chaos mode more than I would like to admit. As much as I teach about Self-Care I have not really been a shining example of it in my life lately. So I decided to go back to what I know.. blitzes, small doable steps etc. I will be using these exact steps to check back into my Self-Care starting today.

1)      Take a deep soul breath (hand on heart and or on belly) and breathe. (highly suggested to do this several times a day!)

2)      Put on one item that you really love. When life gets chaotic it’s easy to just go into default mode with throwing on whatever is easy or nearby frankly.

3)      Grab a nourishing drink and just savor it for at least a few sips.. (“bonus” points if you take a deep breath before and close your eyes for a few sips)

4)      Take a mini nature/photo break (seriously3-5 minutes totally counts!)

5)      Stretch it out. When times get chaotic we tend to have a lot of tension in our bodies. Just take a moment to check in and see where you might be feeling tightness and stretch it out a bit.

Remember.. You are not alone.. but it is up to you to take care of you in the ways that you can!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




2 responses to “Tiny Acts of Self-Care for chaotic times- Friday 5

  1. I remember when my Mom was in the hospital and hospice almost four years ago, I’d take a break and go in the hospital chapel or their meditation garden. It was SO needed, even if I was only in there a few minutes.

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