Keeps coming up… Mindful Moment Monday


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am a big believer of life having messages for us. These messages show up in all sorts of ways.

One of the ways I believe that they show up is through words and phrases. I think that we often have a word, phrase etc. show up over and over and don’t always make the connection. So we don’t slow down or lean in to really listen to it.

So this week I encourage you to do just that slow down, lean in and listen to a word, words or phrase that has been showing up over and over or does this week.

What might that message be?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


2 responses to “Keeps coming up… Mindful Moment Monday

  1. The word that has been showing up for me the last two days is freedom. On Valentine’s Day my husband and I were out taking photos and happened upon a group of Bald Eagles right in the middle of downtown. I’ve been feeling a lot more freedom to enjoy my life lately and my husband and I have been having a lot of amazing adventures. Thanks for posting this today!

    • Great word, so many layers that could be in it. Love that you not only have had the word come up but have had animal/physical signs of it. How awesome! ❤

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