Note to Self.. Thursday Thoughts


Note to self.. (and all other Souls who need this or a part of this today, right now)

Don’t get caught up in so much of the drama, instead take a deep breath and remember all shifts of all kinds require adjustment. Give yourself and others some grace ok?

Stop looking for what’s undone, look at what is, give yourself some credit!

Ask for help, ask for what you need.

No matter what other chaos is going on, look for the good, the inspiration the gratitude. Seriously.. do it.. now would be good!

Remember deep soul breaths and 5 minute (blitzes of creativity, tasks, rest) are your friend..for real..

It’s not all yours to figure out or to do.. stop acting like it is.. (ps: when you do that it can make you super unpleasant to be around, so let’s do our best not to get in the it’s all on me mode, k?)

At the same time.. allow yourself to feel what you feel. But don’t stay stuck in it and don’t make decisions from it right away.

It’s a layered process, be patient with everyone.. including yourself!

ok.. that feels better to get that out.. I hope that some or all of these resonated with you as well..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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