Intentional Season- Friday 5


Hey Inspiring Souls..

Happy Spring! (or whatever season it may be where you are right now!)

When life is full it’s really easy to not even pay much attention to the shifting seasons (in Nature and in ourselves!) I don’t want the season to go by unnoticed or not savored. That means I want to have an intentional season, so today I thought I would touch upon 5 ways to create an intentional season.

It starts with allowing  yourself to carve out some time to check in with yourself, your life etc.. Even 10 minutes to create an intention around the season would be beautiful!

5 Ways to have an Intentional Season…

  1. Ask yourself.. what do I really want, need this season?
  2. Look up what produce is local to your area in this season and go to your local farmer’s market or local produce store and get it.. then savor it!
  3. Ask yourself.. What do I want to create this season?
  4. Ask yourself… What do I want to savor this season?
  5. Create a journal spread or a pinterest board with all things you are drawn to for this season..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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