Choice- Thursday Thoughts


Hey Lovely Souls!

I have been thinking about how my choices are not really reflecting my true desires lately. They are reflecting the overwhelm of life (a multi house move, health stuff etc.) And there are periods of time where that is all that can be expected really (or that is truly all we have the capacity for at that moment)

Over and over I have to remind myself that things shift with choices, and I want to make choices that reflect what I truly want in life, even if that’s shifted in ways I didn’t foresee. And those choices don’t have to be huge, really I think most times it’s best if they are not huge choices. These shifts, the leaning into who you most desire to be can happen one tiny choice at a time, then another etc..

Today, this weekend that looks a little like..

1 or 2 yoga poses

A glass of lemon water

Deep breath

Ten minutes on putting stuff away/clutter

This weekend it might look like a roast in the slow cooker, cuddling up with hubby watching a show or movie (instead of scurrying around trying to put stuff away from our move) or soaking in the sun even for a few moments.

What is your tiny choice to lean into your true desires?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





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