Resistance- Thursday Thoughts


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I have been noticing resistance in my mind and body lately. Some of this is to be expected with the shifts that have been going on in my life lately and my mind and body probably think they are protecting me..and maybe they are. However there is plenty of resistance that is simply keeping me stuck in a cycle of avoidance and frustration (and thus, well… stuckness!)

I see in myself and others that this resistance is draining, it shows up as fear (it is fear most of the time in my experience) and it shows up by resisting/procrastinating either things you want to do (create that eBook, launch that blog, get a great new haircut, wear that outfit, take that class..)  or things you really need to do (health appointments, dealing with financial stuff , that phone call and so on…)

The only way out of this space is to release the resistance.. however I am not blind to the fact that this is WAY easier said than done! While we may not be at the space where we can release both hands (so to speak), can we release a tiny bit, maybe that comes by loosening your grip a little bit by bit.

It starts by noticing, acknowledging the resistance.. so start there.. where are you feeling it? What comes up for you (physically or otherwise) when you start thinking or hearing about whatever it is you are resisting?  (Start by making a list, but don’t wait until the list is totally done to start on it, because it may  never be done < note to self!)

Oftentimes we find that the energy we put into resisting, avoiding etc. took up WAY more of us then if we just followed through, showed up, leaned in, decided, started. (And i need to remind myself of that often!)

How can you loosen your grip on resistance today?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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