Connect to Inspiration- Friday 5


Hey Beautiful Souls..

I am of the belief that inspiration is all around and within us. Even when times are tough or chaotic it’s still there (albeit harder to notice) .

This week I thought I would share 5 way to connect to your inspiration..

  1. Look for it.. I know this sounds obvious, but we often expect it to come up and tap us on the shoulder.. Be open to it and look for it.
  2. Remember as strange as this sounds.. Inspiration isn’t always happy.. Honestly.. sometimes seeing even someone else’s health struggles or financial troubles etc. Can be an inspiration/motivation to choose differently.
  3. It has many “faces” it can be found in a word, phrase, book, bit of nature, object, color etc..
  4. Sometimes it’s sublet sometimes it’s obvious
  5. We are best served if we are practicing cultivating it on a regular basis.

What’s inspiring you right now?

PS: I just launched a new eCourse on Cultivating Inspiration (30 ways in 30 days) I would love it if you joined me! Check it out here

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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