Placeholders… Thursday Thoughts


Hey Lovely Souls,

A subject that has been on my mind and in some of my conversations lately is Placeholders. By this I mean those things actual physical things, habits, jobs etc.. that we put in place “just for now”. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that when it really is just for the moment. However, it’s when (as it all to often does for me at least) that “just for now” becomes the long term or permanent solution. It shows up so many different ways… It might be with an OK pair of pants until you get some that really fit, putting something away until you find a better spot for it (but you never actually try to find that better spot because life gets full..) It might be that job that you are working “just for now” until you can find what you really want (and I am not begrudging this at all.. I totally get it … more than you know!) simply saying don’t let those just for nows and placeholders be it if that’s not what you truly want.

When we do this  it can be really draining and often not even on a conscious level. Also on some level it can become settling, and settling can be really subtle.

One of the first steps in shifting this, if that’s what you want to do is to start recognizing where you might be doing allowing the placeholder . I am not even suggesting that you need to do anything about that right now. Simply notice.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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