It’s within you.. Thursday Thoughts


Hey Beautiful Souls,

I don’t know about you. But I tend to get unintentionally caught up in other people’s “stuff” in many ways.

One of the ways I have noticed this showing up is  feeling like everyone else has got it figured out.. That the next course, blog, book.. will have the answer I need to finally____ (fill in the blank.. grown my tribe, sell that course, prep those meals,heal that, fill that…) We keep piling on those things in the hopes that “THE” answer will be there.

The truth is.. the answer you deeply seek, the clarity you are really looking for, the permission you feel you need.. it’s all within  you.. 

Many of these external “things” are amazing, inspiring, nourishing and helpful, they can help you be more creative, have a plan, give you support and clarity.. But ultimately it comes through you.

Sometimes we feel we are doing the work when in reality we are getting ready to get started in many ways (<< me). Other Times we are  showing up and doing the work but we are not really aligning with our truth in the process, so while the work is there we are not fully in it.

So today, this week I invite you to step back and notice what in this might feel true for you. And before you sign up, buy or follow.. check in with yourself.. will this be adding to your well of inspiration or adding to your overwhelm, frustration and shoulds?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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