Giveaway! Cultivate Inspiration- 30 ways in 30 days eCourse


Hey Beautiful Souls!

You may have guessed by now that Inspiration is something I really love and value.

While all of my courses are about Inspiration in some form or another, Cultivate Inspiration (30 ways in 30 days)  is a little different, in this course we have short, soulful and doable prompts to help you practice cultivating Inspiration in your own life.

Learn more about the course here

I am doing a Giveaway Thursday May 26th until Sunday May 29th

Here on the blog and on Facebook 

It’s easy to enter..

Tell me what inspires you and name someone that inspires you (link to them or tag them if you can) and a little about why they inspire you.

I can’t wait to connect with you ❤

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



5 responses to “Giveaway! Cultivate Inspiration- 30 ways in 30 days eCourse

  1. Hi Heather! An artist who has been an inspiration of late is Amy T Won who paints moody, atmospheric watercolours and takes beautiful pictures. She has made enchantment her artistic and everyday way of life, and cultivates wonder curiosity and magic making (art making). This blog post is a good start: and she has a short, enchanting video here:

    Before you check her out, go and make a cup of tea because you’ll be on her website for a while. Her Instagram feed is enchanting!

    • toliveinspired

      Hi Valerie Thanks so much for sharing, I will for sure check her out. I love the way that you put it, to make a cup of tea first ❤
      Unfortunately I didn't pull your name for the free spot.. however I would love it if you signed up and if you do I will offer you a spot for a friend for free.
      ❤ blessings

  2. The person who inspires me the most is a lovely woman, Susan Branch. Susan has made homemaking into an art form. She writes lovely books about entertaining, cooking, travel, gardening, and life. Her books always include recipes and fun ideas.

    What inspires me the most about Susan is that she chases her dreams. She found out she enjoys painting watercolors, and all her books are handwritten and include her charming artwork.

    I have always wanted to be a writer, and Susan’s life is inspiring. She lives on Martha’s Vineyard and is currently on an extended book tour across the United States. Hundreds of her “Girlfriends” come to see her at every store.
    You can find Susan’s blog at Enjoy!

    • toliveinspired

      Hey Lovely.. Congrats your name was pulled for the free spot in my course!! I will definitely look up Susan’s blog thank you for sharing! Please send me the email to add to the course (on my about me page the contact form!

  3. Thank you much, Heather! I’m looking forward to the class.

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