Surface and Layers- Thursday Thoughts…


Hey Inspiring Souls!

How are you? How are you really? Not the surfac response but the real guts of how you are?

I have been asking this question lately to other people, though frankly it’s a great way to ask ourselves to journal and or ponder about.

We all have seasons (or many) where we are living by others expectations or their perceived expectations. Where we are avoiding and afraid of those layers beneath the surface so we just stick there, because it “feels” safe.

The layers beneath that surface can be scary, uncomfortable, beautiful, freeing, healing all at once (along with a bunch of emotions I didn’t name I am sure!) We just get so caught up in the not so fun sounding ones that we don’t even start, we we just stay at the layer that feels “safest”

I want to live truer and deeper than the surface space will allow.. so I am opening up a bit more, gathering up my courage and peeling back some layers bit by bit.

In what ways might you be living more from the surface than the layers?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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