Hearing yours in theirs-Thursday Thoughts


Hey Lovely Souls,

The end of last week things around my house took an unexpected turn. I won’t go into too much detail as it’s not mine to go into fully… However let’s just say that a decent part of this week was spent at the hospital (My Dad went into the Hospital, however I am happy to say that he is back home now and on the road to healing)

While in one of the waiting/”lounge” areas I happen to overhear a woman and her family/friends talking about her Father in Law’s health scare/issues.

I found myself internally nodding at her way of interacting, speaking, dealing with updating and connecting with those around her. It reminded me of me in several ways. I found myself doing this in more than one way, hearing, noticing an expression or gesture in not just the woman I mentioned but in several others around.

It’s got me thinking how often if we slowed down long enough to notice. That we would  see that many of us have threads of connectedness that we just don’t see normally. So often we are just distracted  by life, judgement, future tripping etc. to see that we probably make contact with people on a regular basis that are also living part of our stories and we are living part of theirs.

This week take a moment to really listen, observe, notice your interactions and surroundings and see what threads might be connecting you that you were not even aware of.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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