Layers of Lessons Part 1- Friday 5


Hey Beautiful Souls..

For a month now my family and I have been in chaos due to a medical emergency.  The emotions have been all over the place. Thankfully the outcome is not what we feared (and were told) it was going to be or likely to be. It’s been a month of so many things but most importantly miracles and realizations.

While I have so many lessons and shifts resulting from this.. here are 5 things I have learned and the little bits of clarity I am getting in this journey.  Several or maybe all of these can be applied to other areas of our lives as well.

  1. Trust  your gut. We always want to justify around this, don’t want to cause a big drama, don’t want to upset someone, don’t want to sound woo woo or stupid. In several different instances in this process following the gut was invaluable.
  2. Ask It seems most especially in the medical world these days you get as little and as surface of an answer as possible. It can leave you feeling really lost and hopeless. Don’t be afraid to ask as many times and to as many people as possible to get the clarity that you need.
  3. Insist when you need to. This really goes along with the first two. You know  yourself, your loved one etc.. what’s normal for them? What’s really out of character for them?
  4. Advocate. Again this goes along with the first ones on this list. Advocating for yourself or loved one takes courage. You will have times when  you feel totally unprepared or up to it. Keep on showing up  in that role as fully as possible. I found myself in this role recently (put myself in that role?) for a loved one. And there were plenty of times my normally shy and introverted self had to really step up to the “task”.
  5. Self-Care is vital and an act of love not only towards yourself but for those you love and care about. I have an even more intense view of what self-care is and the importance of it after this last month. Please don’t keep putting it off (medical appts, asking the questions, making those small or big shifts, etc..)  Expect more on this in the near future.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered,



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