Things to do with Magazine Clippings- Friday 5


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Many of us have magazines lying around that we are inspired by or find good bits in them but we either don’t want or need to keep the entire magazine around. Heres 5 things to do with those clippings and bits!

  1. Pull out any tips or articles that are inspiring. Grab a file folder or my preference a journal and glue in those random bits of info to reference back to.
  2. Pull out any images that you like and washi them to a closet door.
  3. See an article or image that a friend or family member might like? Pull it out and send it to them. Any type of snail mail these days is an unexpected especially if it’s a little moment of thoughtfulness.
  4. Pull/cut out words you are drawn to and glue them down in a journal, on an index card, in your planner.
  5. Visual journal or collage with the words and or images that you find in a magazine.

That’s just some of the ways that we can use magazine clippings, do you have a favorite?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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