This Month I want to…Welcome December


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to December! Can you believe it? As usual, I am surprised by how fast time is flying by, seriously!

I love lists, so at the start of every month I make a list of things I need, want and would like to get done, create, experience etc… I created a free printable for it (scroll down a bit on the page..) as well if you want to download that. It’s easy to let the days run you instead of ever feeling like it’s the other way around. Making lists of intentions, things I want to savor etc. is one thing that helps keep checked in!

December can be full for so many reasons.. if you only have time for one question then let it be this… How do I want to feel this month, then before you say a yes to something or a no…check in with that feeling.. does it take you closer to it or further away?

If you love journaling or want to start digging into it a bit more be on the lookout this month for posts on reflection and dreaming/planning.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative, and Empowered



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