Dear 2016… A year end ritual.


Hey Lovely Souls,

For the last 3+ years, I have written a letter to the year as it comes to a close. It’s a great way to reflect upon what the year has held.
This year I almost decided to just write… Dear 2016, WTF?! or Dear 2016, Seriously?!
However, I decided I wanted to expand upon that 🙂
So here it goes…
Dear 2016,
You went by so fast, while you felt like the fastest year yet, you also felt like you held several years in one.
You held so much big change. Change for me, my family and frankly, the world.  Between moves (merging households), connection, division,  multiple health issues for family,(including a major health crisis) and the election you shifted everything. Some ways I can see clearly and some I am still finding my way to and through.
You were full of so much loss for many people on many different levels.
You taught me on a different level what really matters, you gave me some wake-up calls (really one would have been sufficient!) You exhausted me and pushed me.
You are still teaching me to adjust to these new circumstances after years and years of doing it differently. I am still slowly learning to respond instead of reacting.
You also gave me some truly beautiful gifts. A deeper trust in my gut, she is wise and I intend to listen and nourish my connection to her on a more intentional, soulful level. Tender moments amidst the crises. Courage to use my voice where it mattered, Chances to reevaluate how I show up, chances to step up. Connections with people I care about.  Also, you gave me so many of the seemingly small and simple moments surrounded by the beauty of everyday life. Thank You for these and so much more.
The thought of wanting a do over has crossed my mind. But what I really want is to tuck these lessons in my toolbelt of truthful living and to do better, to do differently and to take all that beauty and to apply it to help co-create a beautiful 2017 and beyond. (preferably without all of the various moments of “drama” to get the point across this time, please and thanks!)
Thank You Truly and Deeply,

PS: What would your letter to the year say?


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