5 Things to look forward to on To Live Inspired- Friday 5


Heya Beautiful Soul!

I am one of those people who just love the New  Year and the implied/expected fresh start/fresh slate! Though I also believe that fresh start can happen anytime!

I wanted to share with you lovely souls 5 things to look forward (and that I am looking forward to bringing to you) in 2017!

  1. More frequent Soul Notes (newsletter) I am going to doing a new series on there on “Creating an Inspired  Year” each month will have a theme.
  2. Brand new coaching offerings. (on top of the recently revamped package!)
  3. At least 2-3 new courses (several ideas brewing in my head and beyond!)
  4. Prompted Journal, something I intended to do this year… but boy has it been a bugger of a year. I have fresh inspiration around it and will be creating one this year!
  5. More creative prompts… Like found prompts, some DIY projects and a photo challenge, Visual journal ideas, pages etc.

What would you like to see from me in 2017?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative, and Empowered



4 responses to “5 Things to look forward to on To Live Inspired- Friday 5

  1. I’m so excited about what you’ve got in store to share!

  2. Happy New Year To You! Sounds Wonderful … Looking forward to what you have to share with us!

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