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Hey Beautiful Souls,

One of the practices that keeps me grounded is keeping a visual journal. I love that there is no wrong way to do it, that its ready when you are and the intentional or intuitive messages  it holds and bits of life.

This practice is really forgiving, you can work in them daily, weekly, monthly or randomly (anywhere in between!).

Sometimes my words flow with the image are inspired by it before or after. Sometimes the messages I didn’t know I needed to hear show up. Sometimes I just put down a pretty picture and spew out what’s on my mind.

Glue, Doodle, Paint etc.. it’s all welcome in this practice. It’s your expression there is not a way to do it wrong. If you are showing up it’s exactly what it needs to be for you for now.
what’s a practice do you love?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “No wrong way, Visual Journal – Creative Connection

  1. I love your art journal pages! The images you find are wonderful. Do you mind sharing what magazines you use?

    • Thanks lovely! Of course ( I should do a blog post on that!) I use various ones like Yoga Journal, O, Real Simple, Redbook. Some other great ones are Happinez, Mindfully, Dishfunkshion, Bella Grace are all awesome ones too!

      • I’d love to read a blog post on what materials you use! Thanks for the magazine info. LOVE Bella Grace, Happinez, and Mindfully, though they’re so pretty I have a hard time cutting them up. I haven’t heard of Dishfunkshion. Will need to look in to that one. 🙂

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