Things to Notice – Friday 5


Hey Beautiful Soul!

There are so many ways to sort of check out these days. I want the opposite (although sometimes my actions might hint to something different!) I want to notice more things in my life, body, connections, surroundings.

Here are 5 things I will take notice of…

  1. I will take notice of where my shoulders are “placed” (I mean I know where they are but…) are they up around my ears (a common placement for them when you are stressed or overwhelmed)
  2. I will notice how the sky looks… We so often don’t take time to simply look up and notice.
  3.  I will start taking notice how I feel after I eat certain foods. That’s one of the best ways for me to nourish my body is to notice how I feel about what I put into it!
  4. I will notice the energy, the body language of those I am interacting with on a day to day basis more. This will help me connect deeper.
  5. I will take notice of the beauty, resources, and goodness I have around me right now. Not what I “should” have or want to have but what I have right here, right now.

What will you take notice of?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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