Weekend Nourishment-Friday 5


Hey, Inspiring Soul!

  1. Read something fun, inspiring, thought provoking. For many of us reading is something that we want to do more of, yet find ourselves not doing because life gets busy and we get distracted.
  2. Unplug. Get the phone, tablet or computer out of your own face! Step away for an intentional amount of time (a day, half a day, few hours…)
  3. Go outside. If you can get yourself in nature even if for a few minutes! With so much tempting us to stay in (especially in the winter) it’s easy to only go outside to get to the car and back! Go outside with some inention.. Take a deep breath, notice the beauty around you.
  4. Create something.. Explore your inner artist, play, experiment! (I love Creativebug.com for this a new to me site is also Skillshare.com) I also have a few courses that are free right now (for another 5 days as of the time of this posting) 
  5. Carve out a corner of cozy for yourself. Put a cozy throw, grab some candles, put up a few bits that inspire you. This doesn’t have to be a big space or a window seat (my dream!) Work with what you got! (Tip: Sometimes we have the space that is being taken up by something else that we never use but don’t think of shifting it… I encourage you to look at your space through that lens this weekend if you don’t feel like you have  room)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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