Soul Nourishing Videos- Friday 5

Hey, Beautiful Souls!


I wanted to share 5 videos that I find soul-nourishing that I have come across on YouTube.

  1. This one from Melody Ross on the Cool Whip Diet (essentially the way we take things in that do not really fill us)
  2. I deeply love this song and video
  3. This video on what wearable technology you would invent to change the world! (what would your response be?!)
  4. I was struck by a few really powerful to ponder points in this video
  5. This lovely souls advice on making decisions easier 

What videos are you finding soul nourishing these days?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Soul Nourishing Videos- Friday 5

  1. If our body needs nourishing, so does our soul. We need spiritual micronutrients! For me, it's daily God-time: prayer & contemplation. You? Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit: Nourishing the Soul When… #amreading #bookmarketing Obezite tüm dünyanın başına gelen büyük dertlerden bir tanesidir.
    Her 3 insandan 1 i obezite rahatsızlığına yakalanmıştır. Nasıl zayıflarım derdine düşen obezite rahatsızları olduğu gibi zayıflama ve kilo verme gibi
    endişeleri olmayanlarda mevcuttur.

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