Budget Friendly Weekend Ideas- Friday 5


Hey, Beautiful Souls!

You don’t need to have a big plan or a big budget to find some joy and fun in your weekend. Here are 5 ideas that are budget friendly that

  1. Rent a movie, get some microwave popcorn and curl up and just soak it in. I often am multi-tasking when watching TV or a Movie at home, allow yourself to be fully in it and forget about the To do list for a bit!  Total Cost @ $7
  2. Go explore the library. Just allow yourself to wander and see what “jumps out at you” bring some snacks and explore for the afternoon. (find books on something you have always wanted to learn, a dream destination etc… ) bring a notebook and write down ideas as you are sure to get some inspiration sparked there! Total Cost $0
  3. Go out for Tea and sweets. It doesn’t always have to be for a meal. Set aside $10 and go get a sweet and a tea (or coffee or….) and just enjoy someone’s company, your company, people watching, a good book.
  4. Go on a photo hunt around your neighborhood. Grab your camera (or camera phone as many of use that primarily/only) and go seek out beauty, pattern, color, inspiration, shapes in your everyday surroundings.  Cost $0
  5. Grab $10 or another amount that feels doable to you. Go to the craft store, grocery store or dollar store and find supplies/ingredients to create something new!

What are some of your favorite budget-friendly things to do on the weekend?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Budget Friendly Weekend Ideas- Friday 5

  1. Love bookstore browsing! It’s one of my favorite things to do. I also love to either put on a favorite movie or catch up with a favorite show while coloring or crocheting, and just hanging out with my dogs.

    • toliveinspired

      Those all sound lovely. We sadly don’t have a bookstore too close and if it was I am not sure It would be budget friendly for me LOL 😀

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