Be Present Prompts- Friday 5

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

The world can be so noisy, even good noise can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to future trip and to feel scattered. The best way to step out of that space and into the space where we are is to be present with where we are now (physically and mentally)

Here are 5 prompts to help you do just that…

  1. Tune into your senses: What do you hear, smell, feel, see, taste right now?
  2. Stop! Take a deep belly breath. (*bonus for putting your hand on your heart)
  3. Look whoever you are talking/listening to in the eyes. Not at your phone, not all around you constantly at them.
  4. Ask yourself, what do I need right now?
  5. Single task whenever you can. (this one is for sure the one I need to work on the most!) I don’t mean walking and talking (although that would be a fine place to practice this!) We literally and figuratively have so many tabs open at a time where we are just going back and forth instead of taking in/dealing with one thing then onto the next.

How do you stay present?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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