Resisting Learning- Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Soul!

Life is so full of lessons. Some are really clear and we just lean into them and take them in with relative ease. Others it’s like being bonked with a 2×4 over and over and  yet we just keep needing to get reminded.

Often I think this is because of discomfort, we are resisting the lesson. But that doesn’t make it go away (trust me I have tried and seen other people try to, it just get’s heavier!)

I think the first step in healing is to be truthful with yourself. I like to say…  You gotta reveal it to heal it! The revealing is to you for you. So today I ask  you to show up in your resistance and discomfort and reveal to heal by asking  yourself…

What lesson(s) am I resisting learning? 

Deep Breath.  You’ve got this!



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