List it – Self and Soul Care Saturday

Hey Inspiring Soul!

It sounds too simple to be true. Making lists can be an act of self-care. I really believe this to be true. I could go on and on and on about lists and the various type to make. I will save some of those for another post! Here are some ways to use list as an act of self-care.

  1. Brain dump lists: When we get on overwhelm it’s easy to feel like we have to have it all figured out like, yesterday! When we feel like this all of that stuff can get jumbled in our heads and feel even more overwhelming. Often the simple act of writing it out helps to put things into perspective and help us feel calmer. This is simply a list that holds the things that you have on your mind, no order, no categories simply dumping it on paper!
  2. Create an inspiration list, self-care acts list, gratitude list.
  3. List your priorities (in general, for the day…)  now look at how you are spending your day do those two support or oppose one another? Adjust accordingly where you can.
  4. List things you appreciate about yourself, where you have rocked it lately.
  5. While I love to create to do lists. A list that can be really wonderful to make is a to be list. (ex: calm, focused, kind, gentle, energetic etc… )
  6. Break it down… Do you have a specific task or project? Make a list to break it down into tiny steps.
  7. List meals for the week (and or health actions)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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