A tribute to my Dad…my greatest teacher

Hey Lovely Souls,

It’s with the deepest and most intense sadness that I share my Father passed away last week. And even though I (along with my eldest sister) was there in the room when it happened (unexpectedly to us) It still feels like it’s not fully real.

He was (is) my biggest teacher and is my greatest loss. Our family is devastated.

My tribute to him will be formed in a letter of sorts to him. It’s the way that feels the most aligned to me…

Dear Dad,

Thank you for teaching me in so many ways, intentionally and in leading by example.  Thank You for a instilling a love of learning, the power of curiosity and what being a life long student/seeker look like. You have been my greatest teacher and always will be.

Thank you for showing me what it was to be open-minded, forgiving,  hard working and deeply loving.

Thank  You for showing me the value of humor and allowing your inner silliest, funniest, goofiest self to come to the surface in your everyday moments and our interactions.

Thank you for loving so deeply, teaching and giving so freely. You were and are an amazing, sweet, kind and beautiful soul.

Thank you for defying the odds so many times and giving us more time with you. The truth is it would never be enough, I am grateful for all we had while still longing for more, even just a little.

You were center and soul of this family, there is a huge void where you were that will never be filled. You were our steel coated marshmallow (seemingly tough on the outside, soft on the inside).

May I live a life that honors all you have taught me and will continue to teach me.

I love you Daddy.



7 responses to “A tribute to my Dad…my greatest teacher

  1. He sounds like a wonderful father. I’m so sorry for your loss, Heather. I am praying that your Dad may rest in peace and for comfort for your family.

  2. I am sorry to hear that you and your family are going through such a painful time. What a beautiful tribute you have shared here about him. It is heartbreaking to lose someone you love so much. May your heart find comfort in the beautiful memories of all you have shared. And may the God of all comfort grant you His comfort during this time of grief!

  3. That was so beautiful, what u wrote, &, his picture looked– like he was looking into ur soul. His eyes were cosmic. But I loved the written piece about him. He was someone everyone was lucky to know. He seemed like a healer.His words were so healing, too. God bless the whole beloved family of Dan. Blessings of deep comfort &, love

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