Add a little beauty- Self and Soul Care Saturday

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I believe that surrounding ourselves with even tiny spots or bits of beauty is an act of self-care.

Some ways you might explore this:

  • Buy (or pick) yourself some flowers
  • Clear off one tiny space somewhere in your home or work
  • Take a pretty bowl or mug that you don’t use that often and re purpose it (pen holder, candy dish,
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and express appreciation for yourself (that is definitely adding beauty to your life!)
  • Print a picture off of your phone (and if you don’t have a picture that speaks beauty to you, go out and take one!) and put it (or them if you print out more than one) on your wall with washi, a frame or propped up against something. Alternatively, go through a magazine (that is yours!)  and rip out a beautiful picture and put it on the wall with washi, get a frame or buy a clipboard from the dollar store and put it on there.
  • Use the “special occasion” dishes or item, life is a special occasion.
  • Put on something that you feel is beautiful or makes you feel beautiful. It can be an entire outfit or as simple as jewelry or under garments that add a bit of beauty to how you feel!

How will you put beauty into your life this weekend/week?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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