Use your phone to inspire your goals. – Friday 5

Hey Inspiring Souls

A lot of us use our phones on the daily, many (or a zillion!) times throughout. It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of games or random social media.

1)      Use the notes app (or the like) to jot down things (what inspires you, tracking your food, Gratitude, Soul Notes, send yourself notes (pep talks, things you need to add to calendar etc.)

2)      Get a reminder app (for the iPhone Alarmed and Reminders app are great) and schedule of things you need to remember. They are also great for putting in reminders for such things as mindfulness. (like a Deep Breath, Shoulder check (as in are they up by your ears!), What do you hear, see, smell (checking into your senses) workouts, to log your food the list could go on and on!

3)      Listen to Podcasts, with so many types of podcasts out there I would imagine there is something for most everyone out there! You can learn more about something that you want to know about (business, finance etc.) , be inspired in a ton of ways or choose something funny.

4)      Pinterest can be a vortex of inspiration. You can use it to go on and just “wander” around or you can create boards and search for things that support your goals (healthy recipes, meditation techniques, DIY’s, Finances, workouts, photography tips etc..) Create boards for your word of the year ( or phrase or… ) for your short-term and long-term goals… the ideas are endless!

5)      Camera. You can take pictures of things that inspire you, people you love, tracking your progress (for your body, space, various kinds of goals could be photographed)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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