Inspiring and easy things to do this weekend- Friday 5

  1. Get outside, or open the windows (and I am not just saying that because our crazy, yet lovely weather is mid 70’s right now.Even if it’s chilly… get some air!
  2. Make something: Plans, a meal, a journal spread, jewelry, connections, a doodle.
  3. Put on a song you love, blast it and boogie to it. Sit down and close your eyes and soak it in (“bonus’ points for journaling about a memory or feelings that song brings up.
  4. Gussy up (pretty up!) a tiny space in your living environment. Add a plant, move things around your house, clear off some clutter, dust. (pick one or do as many as feel like a yes!)
  5. Read, carve out a little time to sit and read a chapter or few paragraphs of a book, catch up on some yummy and inspiring blogs, savor an article or 5 in a favorite magazine.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Inspiring and easy things to do this weekend- Friday 5

  1. We’ve gotten about 9″ of snow here today and are staying in except to go out and shovel. I did spruce up my bedroom a bit and have continued decluttering files, my daughter’s beanie babies (with her permission), old pics, etc. Sunday is going to be fun–we’re going to see the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and go out to eat.

    • Sounds like good things happening and shifting! Years and years ago I saw that play, SO fun! Have a great one xo

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