Distractions… Journal prompt and Inspired words

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I read this quote in a book I was reading last week, WHOA was my first response!

Some journal prompts you could pull out of this are:

What distractions am I savoring?

What about my greatness, my gifts, my purpose am I afraid of, feels scary?

Am I filling my days with distractions in order to avoid what I truly want because it feels unknown, uncomfortable to me?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




2 responses to “Distractions… Journal prompt and Inspired words

  1. ah yes. oh my goodness …

    my friend calls them noble distractions. When we feel like we are doing so much good in the world but really it is just distracting from the real work of us.

    • Yes! That’s a great name. It’s not that it’s bad stuff all the time but it’s not really our stuff, aligned stuff!

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