Ask yourself- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Beautiful People,

One of the things i am learning more about and desiring more of in my life is mindfulness. One of the ways i try and do that is by asking myself questions to check in with myself, my body, my intentions.

For this mindful moment Monday I would like to share a few I ask myself…

  1. Where are my shoulders right now? I often find that when I take a moment to check in that in moments of frustration or stress that they like to “hang out’ up by my ears! This gives me a change to shift that, by relaxing them.
  2. Where am I focusing my energy right now? This is one I ask in various forms, but put this simple way is really powerful. You might notice that the energy is on stress, what’s undone, shoulds. If we stay stuck in that energy it’s harder for us to put energy into what we want to create and experience and feel.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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