Friday 5

5 (free) acts of self care to do this weekend- Friday 5

Hey Beautiful Soul,

I am a believer in self and soul care. This is not the type of self care (though for some it certainly can include it) that is all about massages and vacations. It’s about practices and rituals to put into your life on the regular. Ones that support your mind, body and soul.

We have more opportunities for self care than we often realize.

Here are 5 acts of self care you can do this weekend and they are free!

  1. Stop for a moment (several times throughout your day, even set up a reminder on your phone) and take a put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath, eyes closed if you can.
  2. Get some fresh air (if it’s crazy outside or super cold, open the windows when you can even for just 5 minutes if it’s safe to do so) If you can get outside even for a just a few minutes and just breath it in.
  3. Do a brain dump. Most of us have what feel like a zillion things on our minds. Taking even just a few minutes to grab a piece of paper (or notes app if you are more of a digital kind of person) and just write down everything that’s tugging at you. It might seem like a strange mix from what’s my future hold to get milk. But it’s all taking up space! Step away from it for a while and then take a gander at it. Are there things that are simple to just get done or delegate? Are there more action items or it’s not in my hands but it’s on my mind items. Once you have a bit of this perspective you can decide what if anything needs to be done.
  4. Check in with your body, what does it need? Rest, movement, water, veggies, cake (ok maybe we don’t need cake, but if that’s truly what you are craving and it’s not detrimental to your health can you give in just a tiny bit, or find a compromise) Maybe you simply needed to check in with your body to notice that your shoulders and ears are scrunched up together!
  5. Create something… a photo (with your phone counts, visual journal page, vision board, inspiration board, doodle, a meal, a yarn project the list is endless… Even if you don’t have all the supplies for one project I am willing to bet you have available to you supplies to create something (pen, paper, phone with camera, ingredients to bake  or cook something)

What act’s of self and soul care will you engage in this weekend?

Here is to living with Intention


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