Friday 5, Holistic Living

Ways to clear Space this weekend- Friday 5

Friday 5:

5 ways to clear space this weekend

1) Set a timer for at least 5 minutes and delete apps, photos, notes you don’t need.

2) Do a brain dump, this means just write down all the stuff that’s on your mind. It might be groceries you need to get to what is my purpose in life q’s. A brain dump is simply a list a way to allow your mind to rest a bit since all that was swirling around in it is now on paper.  it’s not only helpful to clear space in your head but it’s great self care!

3) Go through your bookshelf (set a timer for 5-15 minutes) and choose any titles that feel like shoulds or give you a guilty blech feeling.. Put those in a box to donate.

4) Choose a small area to clear out, a table, shelf, drawer and declutter it, dust it, move things around.

5) Do a 5-10 minute blitz on your space. We all have stuff just sitting around sometime that needs to be dealt with in some way. Filed, recycled, put up, put away, gone through. Set the timer and go for it.

Even though these don’t seem like they would have an impact. They do, it helps shift the energy and in some instances helps as a catalyst for actions.

Here’s to living with Intention


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