Friday 5

Easy (and low/no cost) ways to get creative- Friday 5

Hey Lovely Soul!

Creativity is an important ingredient in living a life of intention and inspiration. Sometimes we may feel we just don’t have time for it. This is usually because we either have a certain vision of what we think creativity looks like (I need a ton of supplies and space to create a masterpiece… ) or we are resisting it because we know it might open us up to some other layers we don’t yet feel ready to deal with.

We are all creative, I truly believe that. This weekend, give yourself the gift of allowing space for some creativity. Feeling stuck as to what to engage in? Here are 5 ideas…

  1. Rearrange things in your space, on your wall. Doing this can take hours and hours. It can also take say 15-30 while you just find a few things to shift. Maybe it’s creating a mini altar in your space, redoing a wall of inspiration, adding or subtracting decorative and functional items. If you don’t have space for your creativity in the way you would like to, might you find a way to carve out, re-purpose a corner or container to hold your creative supplies for easy access?
  2. Putting together a new look for yourself… play with your makeup, add items together that you haven’t before (more accessories anyone!) Just play around with it… You don’t even have to go out of the house in this new ensemble if you don’t want to.
  3. Create playlists for various moods (this can be done on your phone, spotify, YouTube etc.)
  4. Create a new to you meal, bake something, make a menu. If you get stuck in the same ol or are feeling uninspired choose a new to your meal or ingredient to work with.
  5. Grab a notebook (or loose piece of paper) and doodle, list, play with letters and shapes. Just follow your gut, even if you think this is pointless or looks silly… just go with it.

Here is to living with Intention


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